Who is 333D (T3D)?

333D Limited (ABN 24 118 159 881) is an Australian-based 3D printing and technology licensing company that is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:T3D).
333D ships its custom-designed 3D-printed collectibles and other 3D-printed licensed merchandise to users all over the world.
333D is an innovator in 3D printing via Blockchain and has developed the "NFTY Print" smart contract that allows you to effortlessly and securely order professionally printed products based on your NFT collections - all done on the Blockchain and paid with cryptocurrency.
Customers can now order 3D printed replicas or choose from an exciting range of merchandise based on any Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in their wallet and have it shipped anywhere in the world.
333D is commonly referred to as T3D, going forward in this gitbook this will be used throughout.
More information is available at www.333d.co
Last modified 1yr ago